DUST OFF Austin Straw Cowboy Hat with Pinchfront Crown

  • $59.95
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    • Beige Genuine Shapeable Panama Straw Cowboy Hat
    • 3 1/2” shapeable wire enhanced brim rolled up
    • 4 3/8” Pinchfront Crown
    • Leather Hat Band

      Available Sizes:

      Small = (6-¾ in. to 6-7/8 in.) or (54 to 55 CM)

      Medium = (7 in. to 7-1/8 in.) or (56 to 57 CM)

      Large = (7-¼ in. to 7-3/8 in.) or (58 to 59 CM)

      X-Large = (7-½ in.) or (60 CM)


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